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Liposuction Alternative

For those who are hesitant to undergo invasive fat reduction procedures such as liposuction, Coolsculpting can be a great alternative. Many of us have areas of our body that we wish could be improved, but even our best attempts at exercise and diet don’t always give us the results we desire. It is common for fat deposits to stubbornly stick to areas such as the abdomen, love handles, and back – a problem that seems to only get worse with age. You may remember a time when it was easy to trim excess fat. Now you no longer need to struggle, thanks to a unique fat freezing process that helps reduce excess fat in some of the most common trouble areas. Those who seek to undergo fat freezing in Beverly Hills will find Our Doctor’s office conveniently located.

While improvements in liposuction technology have been made over the past decade, it remains an invasive procedure that requires a certain amount of downtime afterwards. Coolsculpting is an attractive procedure to many patients because it is non-invasive, thus requires no anesthesia, and does not involve a recovery period after the treatment. Liposuction can provide effective results, but in some cases the results do not always look natural. When you undergo Coolsculpting in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica with Our Doctor, you will achieve a very natural look, as the treatment actually utilizes your body’s natural processes to eliminate fat. If you are able to pinch at least an inch of fat in your trouble areas, then you may be a candidate for Coolsculpting. Cool sculpting works by literally freezing fat cells in the targeted areas to kill them. Your body’s natural elimination and metabolic processes will subsequently remove the dead fat cells. Whether you seek fat freezing in Brentwood or beyond, we have the solution for you.

During the treatment, your doctor will position the Coolsculpting device over the area targeted for fat reduction. The device will then gently draw the skin up between two cooling panels. As the device beings working, patients typically feel a sensation of intense cold. This sensation will go away after several minutes. You will remain in a resting position for 1 to 3 hours, with the length varying based upon the area(s) being treated. During this time, you can read, work on your laptop, listen to music, or even take a nap. Afterwards you may experience some amount of numbness or tingling as the tissue returns to its normal temperature. Some patients have experience some redness and/or minor swelling, but this will disappear on its own. After the treatment, you can immediately resume normal activities. The results of your treatment can be seen in 3 weeks to 4 months following your procedure, with the most dramatic results typically being seen around 2 months. During this time, your body will be working to naturally eliminate the dead fat cells. On average, patients see a 20% fat reduction in the targeted area after just one treatment. Additional treatments can be performed in 2 to 4 months to enhance the results.

Patients seeking Cool sculpting in Brentwood as an alternative to liposuction may visit one of our offices in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. This gentle, non-invasive process can help you look and feel your best. Contact us to learn more about fat freezing today.