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CoolSculpting for Thighs FAQs

Can CoolSculpting eliminate fat around the inner and outer thighs?

CoolSculpting can be used to effectively reduce fat on the inner and outer thighs. On average, fat around the thighs can be reduced by about 20% with just one fat freezing treatment. It is safe to undergo additional CoolSculpting treatments to further reduce thigh fat if your doctor thinks it will be beneficial.

How can CoolSculpting improve the appearance of my thighs?

Excess fat around the thighs can make your legs appear jiggly and loose. They may also appear rounder and larger than ideal for your body. This area of the body is hard to sculpt and refine with exercise and diet alone. By undergoing a CoolSculpting treatment, the amount of fat in the thigh area will be reduced, providing the thighs with a tighter, more sculpted appearance. As fat around the outer thighs is reduced, the transition from your waist to legs will appear smoother and more streamlined. CoolSculpting can help you look better in jeans and give you the confidence to wear shorter dresses, skirts, and shorts once again.

How does fat freezing with CoolSculpting work?

Fat freezing is an exciting procedure that provides effective fat reduction without the need for needles, scalpels, anesthesia, or downtime afterwards! The fat freeze treatment uses cool temperatures to kill fat cells beneath the skin, without damaging the skin or underlying tissues. This occurs because fat cells undergo cell death at a higher temperature than skin cells. Once the fat cells in your thighs have been destroyed, your body will naturally absorb and eliminate them in the coming months. Most people see the initial effects of their treatment after about 3 weeks, with full results being seen within 4 months.

Does CoolSculpting hurt?

Most patients do not find Cool Sculpting painful, so anesthesia is not required for the fat freezing procedure. During the treatment, our Doctor will monitor your comfort and make adjustments to ensure you are comfortable while you freeze the fat. Initially, you may experience sensations of intense cold, numbness, or tingling as your body adjusts to the cool temperatures, but most patients find these sensations tolerable and they dissipate after a short period of time.

What side effects are associated with a fat freezing treatment?

There are very few side effects associated with Cool Sculpting. Some patients experience residual numbness, tingling, tenderness, or bruising after the treatment. These side effects will resolve naturally in the days following the treatment. Unlike other fat reduction treatments, such as liposuction, there is no risk of infection or hemorrhaging, as the procedure is completely non-invasive. You will be able to resume normal activities immediately following your fat freezing treatment.

Where can I undergo a CoolSculpting treatment?

To get the most out of your fat freeze procedure, we recommend you undergo this treatment with a board certified doctor who is experienced in using the CoolSculpting device. Our Doctor has been helping patients achieve their goals with fat freezing and is pleased to offer CoolSculpting at both of his Los Angeles locations. To set up an appointment to freeze the fat, please call our Santa Monica or Beverly Hills office today.