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Body Sculpting Without Surgery

With Zeltiq’s unique CoolSculpting process, you can now achieve a sculpted physique without undergoing surgery. In the past, patients who wished to further refine and sculpt their bodies would typically undergo liposuction. While this process is able to eliminate deposits of unwanted body fat, the side effects and risks associated with the procedure caused many people to forego this type of body sculpting. As an alternative, we offer cool sculpting in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica to help you achieve a more ideal figure.

Body fat tends to accumulate in certain areas, such as around the abdomen and waist, sometimes creating unsightly bulges on an otherwise trim physique. Despite rigorous exercise programs and a healthy diet, many people are unable to completely rid themselves of these stubborn fat deposits. Combatting body fat becomes increasingly difficult as we age – you may remember how easy it was to burn fat in your younger years and wonder why it is so difficult now. Fortunately, undergoing a treatment with CoolSculpting in Brentwood may provide the perfect solution.

The CoolSculpting process is performed without anesthesia and is non-invasive and non-surgical. During the treatment, your doctor will position the Coolsculpting device over the targeted area and your skin will be gently lifted into the device between two cooling panels. The treatment typically lasts for less than 2 hours, during which time the fat beneath the skin will be cooled to a temperature that causes fat cell death. After the fat cells die, the body will naturally eliminate them over the coming months. The treatment does not harm the surface layers of the skin, as the freezing point for skin tissue is lower than that of fat. As your body eliminates the fatty deposits, a smoother, more contoured shape will be revealed – all without surgery. With fat freezing in Brentwood, you can avoid the unpredictable results of liposuction, which sometimes leaves the skin looking lumpy and unnatural after fat deposits have been removed.

Cool sculpting is becoming increasingly popular in Los Angeles as more and more people discover that effective and natural body sculpting can be achieved without surgery. Everyone wants to look their best, but few people wish to risk the lengthy recovery periods and serious side effects of other body sculpting methods. With Cool sculpting in Beverly Hills, you can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment. Most patients report an intense feeling of cold during the treatment, but few consider the actual process to be painful. Throughout the treatment, our doctor will monitor your comfort and adjust the treatment if needed.

If your exercise program and a healthy diet alone aren’t helping you achieve your goals, then you may be a good candidate for Coolsculpting. The treatment works best on people who are generally healthy and fit, but can pinch at least an inch of fat around their waist or abdomen. We offer this effective treatment at both of our locations. Contact us today to see how Our Doctor can help you freeze the fat in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica.